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Asheville North Carolina Whitewater Rafting Outfitters
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Wildwater Ltd. Rafting is widely recognized as one of the finest whitewater rafting outfitters in the country.  For over 30 years, our attention to detail has made us a leader in the outdoor adventure industry. Providing high quality experiences on our adventure rafting trips is our number one priority.  You may not recognize state of the art equipment or staff training programs, but you will recognize our commitment to Quality, Safety, and Service.
Nantahala Outdoor Center,  Men's Journal recently named Nantahala Outdoor Center the "Harvard of Paddling Instruction" because we're the best at teaching folks how to kayak and canoe. Whether you're new to paddling, looking to push past a plateau, or an expert who wants to become an ACA instructor, you'll find excellent instruction and value at NOC this spring.
Rapid Descent River Company, Rapid Descent offers the finest and longest trip on The Pigeon River. The Pigeon River is conveniently located close to Gatlinburg, TN, Pigeon Forge, TN ,and Asheville, NC.  We are dedicated to providing you a quality whitewater experience with lots of fun and professional service.  You will find guides that enjoy what they do and look forward to sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and love of the river with you.
Biltmore Estate River Float Trips and Kayaking
Follow the French Broad River as it winds through the estate.  What's your idea of the ideal float trip? Laughing, splashing, and racing against the river? Or lazily drifting through a summer afternoon? Either way, the river is calling. So get your friends and family together for a delightful outing on the water.
Whitewater Rafting Classifications

Easy.  Offers no major obstructions. Water surface shows only small riffles.  Low hydraulic forces are in effect.  No significant danger other than the simple, unobstructed force of the the current of the river.

Medium difficulty.  Streamflow increases velocity. Obstructions may necessitate some maneuvering.  Medium hydraulics will be experience. Small standing waves or relatively safe medium-sized standing waves are possible.

Swamping or overturning is common.  Medium to high streamflow velocities will be encountered.  Standing waves will be present.  Powerful hydraulics exist. Maneuvering will be required during passage.  Dangerous suckholes may form at large boulders. Midstream obstructions may be present.  Novices should seriously consider lining their boats through these rapids.

Extremely Dangerous. 
Extended rapids necessitate long-term difficulties.  High standing waves and midstream obstructions force maneuvering in powerful hydraulics.  Suckholes are capable of capsizing the most stable craft.  Novices should not attempt.  Novices should line the boats through these rapids or portage around them.

Extremely Dangerous. 
These rapids require technical maneuvering in strong hydraulics.  Rapds may be extended for some distance. Standing waves and midstream obstructions or suckholes present serious hazards to equipment and life. Novices and many experienced boatmen should line boats through or portage around.

Foolish to Attempt. Involves life hazard. 
Waterfalls, impossible hydraulics and necessary maneuvering combine to make safe passage more a matter of luck than skill.  Lining boats through or portaging around is recommended for even the most competent boatmen.
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